Saturday, October 30, 2010


There are days on end where I could sleep at the drop of a hat.

Tonight apparently is not one of them.

I was lying in bed wishing for sleep with my eyes close but I was wide awake.


Maybe it is the excitement of our first snow fall,

In which I celebrate (yes celebrate) by putting the kids in their new footed reindeer PJ's.

Maybe it is the excitement of Halloween tomorrow night.

(totally laughing at myself though for talking up two holidays in one day.

Maybe it is thinking too much about November and December scheduling and making time for everything and everyone.

Or maybe the cup of tea I had two hours ago.

Who knows...

Truth be told I like these quiet moments where no one is needing me.

This is my alone time.

The time when I rejuvenate my mind and spirit.

Time to get things of my chest,

My creative outlet fulfilled in some little way.

ahhhhh the silence...

I'll leave you with another LO I did of M.

I totally love this picture of him from this past summer.

The two of us were spending some alone time up by the river feeding the birds.

There is an old Mill there (Watson's Mill). 

We go there allot to feed the ducks and watch the water flow under the bridge.

The Mill is apparently haunted and it is beautiful there.

I always envision it filled with white lights and candles, round tables with perfectly pressed white table clothes, the perfect stage for a little intimate wedding reception.

I digress...

The building is old and made of stone, the perfect backdrop I think for a photo.

He looked so sweet sitting there on the bench....Makes my heart happy!

Happy weekend and Happy Halloween!!

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