Saturday, October 9, 2010


It is a milestone.

It is not everyday that someone I love turns the big four oh.

Especially on 10-10-10.

You and I have been together almost 15 years.

More than two thirds of your life.

We are self proclaimed soul mates.

We can read each others thoughts.

Appreciate each of our own humour.

We don't often fight but when we do, sometimes it takes a while to recover.

We usually end up stronger than we were to begin with.

You took some convincing that we were ready to have kids.

If I'm being honest I took the decision out of your hands.

Today you wonder why we waited so long.

I think we needed those ten years.

To grow.

To learn from our mistakes. 

To determine what we really wanted from ourselves and each other.

And we have grown.


Happy Birthday B! 

Never doubt my love for you. 

It may not be perfect but it is real.

I can't wait to travel the path with you on the way to your next milestone.


  1. Happy B-day to your hubs! I love all the pictures. We get to see the boys a lot, but not a ton of you guys!

  2. Well happy bday to him ... my dh is turning the big 4-0 next July. And we waited a LONG time to have kids too! Well so far only one ... :)