Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Right now...

  • I am listening to the gentle pitter patter of the rain and thinking "how could it be raining again?"
  • I have the TV on and Intervention is on.  I don't watch allot of TV.  This show is bothering me in ways I cannot explain.
  • I am wondering why M is so attached to me.  I love that he wants to be around me all the time but I can't help but wonder what is going on in his little head.
  • I am contemplating change.  Fall/Autumn does that to me.
  • I have a secret.  It is a good one.
  • I am counting down the days till my little vacation, which will be a staycation.  No potty training will be involved but it is time for the Parents to reclaim their room, and for two brothers share one.
  • I want to go get J from his crib and snuggle with him.  He is growing too fast and I feel I am missing out on some things, especially during M's attachment phase.
  • I am eating a piece of coffee cake, slightly warmed with butter.
Randomness on this Wednesday evening.
Nighty Night.

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