Thursday, December 2, 2010


Meet our new friend that will be hanging out in the D/H household throughout the holiday season.

Scout has been hanging around in funny places so far. 

He kindly reminded me that it is now December 2nd and I should be putting up a tree.

I kindly reminded him that Badness J, is going to destroy everything in sight, so I'm trying to hold out a little bit longer.

Every morning when I ask M if he has said Good Morning to Scout, he immediately looks to the last place he has seen him, never some where different.

This reaction highly amuses me.

When he finally finds him he exclaims " Der he is Mummy!!!"


In other breaking news Badness J is 18 months. 


25 pounds, 86 inches.

Today he was sipping his water happily and when he put it down he let out a big "AHHHHHHHHHHH"

I asked him if it was refreshing 'cause that was a pretty grown up response to some water sippin'.

He just smiled.

Cute kids.

Nighty Night.


  1. You know what they say right? Bad weeds, they grow fast and apparently badness is growing really REALLY fast! 86 INCHES!!!! Your kid is 7 feet tall!!!!!! i love you ;)

  2. BAAAAAAAAAAAADNESS!! Love it... I too was just going to comment on how tall J is... WOWZERS sister sledge, that is one tall kid!!

  3. okay you two...I'm a spaz, I admit it.