Sunday, April 10, 2011

Together, feeding the birds...The scrap version

It's not often that we all get together lately.

With Family priorities, full time jobs, shift work, rare weekends off, its hard to get together.

It's also a bonus to get pictures taken together.

You know what I do with those pictures right???

(click to enlarge)

Tina gave me these papers from  my little shoebox  to work with. 

So cute.

I laughed when she gave them to me because they were a little outside my comfort zone and that is exactly what she said. 

I think it is because I am so used to using brown, aqua, yellow, red and orange for my pages.

Notice I snuck the brown and aqua in anyways.

Old habits die hard...

And that concludes my drive by blog post for the evening.

As always, thanks for the visit!

Nighty night!


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  1. That picture of you kills me. These turned out really great! love them.