Monday, April 18, 2011

March Project 12

Egad March blew chunks!

Honestly I had the March blues, cabin fever or the grumpiest of grumpies 90% of the time.

March came in like a lion, stuck around like a lion and then slowly crept out like a Lion.  I really did not feel like myself this month for one reason or another, I didn’t feel like the best Mom and I certainly was not enjoying work this month.  My skin was acting up; my body seemed to be failing me at every turn, or at least my resolve to do something about it.  I gave up on going to Church with two toddlers.  Everything seemed like an epic fail, and Facebook updates didn’t sound that upbeat either:

March 2 at 8:35am: Dear Jack...I am only asking for 10 minutes, Please stop climbing my back.
March 2 at 10:15pm: Ottawa friends...A referral for a dermatologist to fight this redonkulous onslaught of adult acne. 
March 3 at 8:35pm: Michael’s new habit: Clicking his tongue on the roof of his mouth , whilst humming race car sounds. Perfect. 
March 5 at 7:49pm: 3 nights in a row I have had the privilege of having front row seat & backstage passes to the live performance of Michael’s "I'm almost 4" temper tantrums. Sets included, "I don't want to take a bath", "I don't want to go to bed", I need a new band-aid", I don't want to brush my teeth", and my personal favorite, "MOMMY, MOMMY...COME BACK HERE MOMMY!!" I'd like to give away my tickets to tomorrow nights performance. 
March 6 at 8:55pm: Pinning...slightly addictive. 
March 7 at 7:52pm: Tell me please that the almost 4 year old crazy tantrums are going to go away. 
March 11 at 10:21pm: Praying for the people of Japan. Thinking about you Lisa. Stay safe!!! 
March 17 at 6:39pm: Me= grumpiest person ever. 
March 19 at 7:22pm: Learning shapes with Michael.....Quatrefoil is a tricky one. 
March 19 at 8:07pm: Creative juices are flowing. 
March 20 at 8:30pm: Banana Split. 
March 23 at 7:58pm: Michael: Michael is going to school in September!!! 
March 23 at 9:33pm:  mumble mumble mumble....Me: who are you talking to over there? Bruce: Ted Nugent...he's going to get his ass whooped. Me:*crickets* 
March 25 at 10:15pm Longest. Day. Ever. 
March 27 at 7:12pm Love it when my patience fails. 
March 29 at 9:22pm Retail therapy at my favorite store. 
March 30 at 11:33am It is WAY too nice to go to work today. I will go, but it will be grudgingly.

March did leave.  My grumpies left with it.  I’m sure the world rejoices when I am in a better mood.  I’m positive April will bring more smiles then showers and flowers.

So here it is...My Month documented with pictures to prove it existed:


(click to enlarge)

I'm happy to report that two weeks in I am in a much better mood.  The snow is gone, with the exception of the freak show blizzard that happened after dinner last night.

Looking forward to the months ahead.

I have it on good authority that there will be some parties around these parts of the Thomas variety in two weeks.

Happy April to you!




  1. I needed that:) You're so funny. Mar 5th was my favorite. lol. cute lo. I can't wait for the parties to begin :) p.s. don't look outside, it's just not pretty out there today:(

  2. Adorable pictures, hilarious recap, love the little yellow birdhouse!

  3. You and I shared a similar funk in March. I'm glad to see the days have improved since. I'm still trying to decide. ;)

    I will say your scrapbooking has not suffered and I adore your work yet again. Thank you!