Tuesday, May 31, 2011


My sweet baby turns two tomorrow.

How the hell did that happen?




It is such a sweet age, filled with curiosity, laughter, giggles, and of course temper tantrums.

As it turn out, J's tantrums are laughable.

A hug, kiss and a tickle from Mama make him forget what he was upset about in the first place.
I may bite my tongue but, I don't think I will experience the same intensity of tantrums with him.
I am breathing a premature sigh of relief.

This little guy of mine gives the best hugs ever.

I'm not lying.

The first time he gave one to his Uncle, you could see the look of shock then adoration come over his face.

He was taken back by the strength of those two little arms wrapped tightly around his neck.

Here at the DH household we are a little more used to it but I don't think I will ever get over those hugs.

This little guy of mine is sensitive.

If his brother yells, he cries and gets upset.

If I raise my voice, he gets upset.

If he hears a loud noise, he gets upset.

This little guy is a mess.
A tornado in the path of everything.
He cant eat without making a mess.

He can rarely go a day without wearing two outfits.
His hands are always dirty.
Our playroom will be clean on minute, and not so much the next.

My sweet, sweet beautiful mess.

This little guy of mine is fearless.
No shelf or chair,
no table, toy or tub
no desk or bed has been left unclimbed.
And when he reaches the top of something he does a little victory dance.
I often come out of the shower to see him perched on top our bathroom counter chewing on a tooth brush


This little guy of mine is a clown.
He makes the funniest faces, closes his eyes and thinks you cant see him
Does a really weird squat walk,
Adds the same word into a sentence 14000 times,
and provides endless humour when he is singing.
He is a funny little clown.

This little guy is loved.
I can not even put into word how much love he has brought to my life.
How lucky I feel to be the recipient of his hugs and kisses, open mouth and all.
I know I wont worry about him through life as much, his confidence will take him places.
I often feel so much guilt because I don't worry as much but it doesn't mean I love him any less.

I love him with all I have, all I am, all I do.

Happy birthday sweet, sweet boy.
May two be filled with much happiness and wonderment.


PS I would have added pictures but what de heck is up with blogger???

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  1. remember when I told you not to blink? He really is fearless:)