Saturday, November 5, 2011

Septemeber project 12

REALLY late posting this one.

Life has been so hectic.

It seems that every week a different member of the family is sick.

I feel like my work schedule has been more demanding than usual.

No time to think, eat, play,

And this week doesn't look like it is going to get any better.

I'm taking an extra day off because I don't have child care on one of those days, yet making alternate arrangements for the kiddos off so I can go into work for a bit.

Anyhooooooooo I was able to fit 60 minutes of scrap time int my schedule today.

Go Me.

I worked on this sketch:

and what it took me 60 minutes to put together while sitting at the Thomas train table:

I think it is just OK.  Not what I had in mind but it is done.

Plus there are some pretty funny FB status updates in my journalling.

That being said, I think  I should be the poster child for this:

When in reality, it is more like this:

Happy Weekend my friends.

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