Friday, March 9, 2012

Some words of wisdom.

Just because you have not eaten in 10 hours does not mean you should go through a KFC drive through.  Not only will you experience the longest wait of your life, but also, the food will taste like crap in a bag.

When you see the smallest amount of snow, you should probably go straight home,and not the long way.  That small amount of snow might will turn into white out conditions on the back roads, causing  a skunk to blend in nicely, which can only end craptastically.

When you decide to go to the store to get some ice  cream and discover one last container of your favorite flavor that you're fairly certain has been discontinued, don't buy it.  It's probably stale.  You won't enjoy it, and you will be angry at yourself for buying something that tastes like crap in a frozen container.

Block your nose when you get out of the car because the smell of burnt skunk is not pleasant.  Worse than crap.

ALWAYS resolve issues with your children.  They will not go to sleep peacefully until you do.  You will become frustrated at the people who didn't heed your advice on this, so at a bare minimum make sure you do it otherwise you run the risk of feeling like crap.

A fire, regardless if electric or wood burning will always help take the edge off.

At least I'm stilling smiling.

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