Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Friday, was a most awesome day, as I was able to see The Bigs in their class setting.  I really get a kick out of being there with them and watching them learn. I'm  that Mother that is in the corner with happy tears streaming down her face because her child sat during circle or read a sentence.   Yep, tears.   Every.  Single.  Time. 

My little guys are smart as whips. They also are diagnosed under the ASD umbrella.  

When I tell people that, and I tell a lot of people because it's part of who we are, I usually get the side head tilt, and sad look of apology.  I also get, "I hear people with autism are really smart."  

I really, really don't enjoy those responses. 

My guys are smart, regardless  of autism.  They just have a more difficult time processing.   And also, I wouldn't change  them.  They are what I know and love.  Somedays are difficult, but most days are good because we cope, and we deal and we navigate this world together.  Like we did on Friday...

M had a "Scientist" in the classroom.  I was able to volunteer for a few hours and I knew the change in routine would probably be hard on him.  It was, big time.  Also, me being there probably didn't help either.   Too much noise, too many strange faces, no structure.   His morning went down the tube fast.   One of his classmates recognized that things were not quite right for him and found him his "Sit Fit Cushion".  Awesome.

The "Scientist" who was leading some of the projects, wasn't very sensitive to the different needs of the class.  At one point, she actually snapped at him which made him cower in a corner.  Not awesome.

So we readjusted our sails, took a walk and built a structure, until he was ready to rejoin the class.  His teacher is amazing and we turned on the smart board and did some math with the  entire class.  Guess who was leading it with his special smart board stylus?  My Son.   

My Son with autism, who just wants to be involved and learn like all the other kids. My Son, who was dancing and happy the minute order was restored in a familiar part of his life.  My Son, the rockstar, was leading the class through counting by fives, tens, twenties, backwards and any  other combination you can think of.  My Son!   

So yes, he is brilliant.  No bias here.    

I have a point here, I really do.  

If you see a child having a hard time, in the midst of a wild tantrum,  or doing something they potentially shouldn't  be doing, don't assume the worst of the child or the parent.  There are things you can't see.  If you see tears in my eyes, don't back away and assume  I'm a lunatic for crying because my child can sit for 4 minutes in circle.  That's a big deal for us.     Hug us, congratulate us, and high five us.  You can bet your bottom dollar that I would do the same for you and your guys. 

Nighty night.

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  1. Great post, glad you got to see some great things in the classroom :) You have 2 pretty adorable kids!! Tina