Saturday, March 21, 2009

How I measure success

For some people it may be with material things. Big houses, foreign expensive cars, annual vacations, making it big in corporate Canada...or wherever you are from.

And while I would love nothing more to drive an Audi, vacation in Italy, and live in a big honking house in some gated community that is nestled on a beautiful golf course overlooking the ocean, one little thing makes my day brighter and more rich than the richest billionaire......

The sound of M's laughter.....when I am the source of it. Is that crazy?

My New Years resolution this year was to make M laugh every day. Some days I feel that I fail miserably or I feel jealous because B can make him laugh easier than I. But when I am the source of that magical sound I feel like Queen sh#t.

I made him laugh twice today. It was a good day. I stayed home from work because I have this wicked back thing going on that doesn't allow me to sit or stand for any length of time. And I was feeling pukey. This pregnancy has not been great. Anyways I was glad I stayed home, even though I slept most of the day, because I was able to hear that sound that makes me giggle right along. And I was over something so small. All I did was fix his Thomas train thing and he was in heaven. He kept saying over and over "Dat was fun." And then in the bath we were playing with a squeeze toy and man...he was so excited and laughing so hard...ahhhh bliss.

That is all I have to say about today. That I love M and my life with his dad, and the sound of his laughter.

That and I made Potato Leek soup from scratch for dinner and it was the bomb.....Not only am I super mom today but a domestic goddess as well.



  1. i love posts like this. (and i LOVE hearing my husband and daughters favorite sound ever.)

  2. Sweet post. I love M's laughter too and I'm happy you had a great "sick day" with him but did you save me any of that soup???