Friday, March 20, 2009

Random thoughts

I'm really not feeling very witty this evening, nor have I felt witty all week, so this post will probably be very boring.

First of all I have this major uproar that is going to happen at work in one week. I know it is going to make the poop hit the fan but I know it is for the best. I am going to have ALLOT of damage control to do after which I hate doing, but seeing as I get paid to be the boss.....I shall do what I have to do and hope for the best afterwards, I take comfort in knowing that the decision that is being taken is a LONG time coming and I also take comfort in knowing that it is going to happen before my Matt leave and that I was the one responsible for this change. (cryptic I know)

M is still limping after his little accident on Monday. Not sure what he did to his little foot but I got home from work and he was limping and whining. He isn't whining anymore and seems fine aside for this little limp. Of course I have all these thoughts running through my head like he has club foot (which I really don't know what that is) or that he should have gone to the DR. Alas I did not take him as he seems fine......aside from that frickin limp........Mothers guilt.

We are terrible twoing (is that even a word?) it around here. M FREAKED out tonight when I decided to finally hang some pictures around the house. B and I bought our first home last June and I still haven't really decorated. Seeing as though I'm about to enter a life of luxury again in two months making squat for money, new purchases are not on the horizon for quite some time. This sucks because there is nothing I really enjoy more than spending money. Okay maybe I enjoy somethings more......But I really really like to shop.

So back to the freaking out. I heard somewhere that toddlers don't always like change. I think M didn't want me to move the sailboat pictures that B and I bought 12 years again (and that don't reflect my style anymore so down to the basement they go) and replace them with three framed mirrors. They are older mirrors but they suit the house better than those sailboats. Anyways M pitched a fit for 45 minutes. I don't even think he knows what he was so upset about. Grandma tried to snap him out of it. I love her, but sometimes THIS mother knows best and I had to tell her to leave him alone and let him kick and scream. Again outs creeps the guilt because I suddenly feel that my parenting skills are inept compared to someone who has been doing it for over 35 years.........What........EVER!!!!!!!

That is it. Nothing funny happened this week. It has been way to serious around here. I guess life isn't always a carnival.

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  1. But I have a few funny things to tell you. You will laugh... See that's why these blogs rock, somewhere to share life's little(funny)moments.

    You do know best. Grandma's just have more patience, wisdom of having done it all before, and umm patience... one day you'll get to laugh inside too. That's the reward...