Monday, March 16, 2009

Thanks alot EVE!!!

Really sorry to complain.....But really????? Really???? Did you have to bite that frickin apple? Wasn't there something a little more appealing than an apple? And because of you this is what I go through....
1. An aching back that hurts in not 1 or 2 places...But three.

2. Leg cramps that send me flying out of bed at night screaming.

3. Ladies that went from a very comfortable c to double d's. You could feed a village with these suckers. And they are not comfortable to carry around thus probably causing point #1.

4. Heartburn that doesn't go away for weeks at a time.

5. Gagging while trying to brush my teeth because the taste turns my stomach...practically defeating the purpose to begin with.

6. Swollen ankles....seriously they are not pretty.

7. Knees that look like nothing I'd be interested in...although I'm not sure who exactly is interested in knees...But mine are really ugly right now.

8. Not being able to sleep at night because no matter the amount of pillows I have to support me...I just want to lie on my belly.

9. Someones foot sticking into my left rib. I know I have an extra one to spare, but that doesn't mean it can be abused or that it feels good.

10. My Uterus being used as a trampoline.......

11. A sciatic nerve issue....seriously......I already have enough pain in the ass from various other points in my day...I don't need another.

So thank you Eve for not being able to avoid temptation. Women around the world are deeply in your debt.

PS...God please don't strike me down for dissing Eve.
PPS.....Very happy for all you women out there who relish the glory of pregnancy. I am jealous and wish it were me.

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  1. I loved being pregnant the first time around, but everything about the second time SUCKED. But in the end, my second daughter wound up a lot calmer, happier and relaxed than my first one.

    Not that it made the pregnancy any easier...