Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Lunesta

Just 15 minutes.
That is all I am asking for.

We head upstairs to watch TV in hopes that I can just catch a wink.
I close all the doors and lock you in with me just in case I nod off.

You are playing.
I am listening.

Was I really expecting to do this with no one to supervise you?

You wander over with fake tea light in your mouth.
"it's a light!"
"yes sweetie it is a light, come sit with momma."

You sit between my legs and watch the Weather network.
I lean back against a pillows and think this is my chance.

Eyes close.
No real movement from you for 10 minutes.


Open eyes and watch the back of your head.
Really? The Weather Network is that interesting?

Head bobbing from side to side.
Smile from Mommas mouth.

Your eyes can barely stay open.
My eyes can barely stay open.

I swing my leg over you and lay down.
I pray that this won't startle or rouse you.

You snuggle into me so close.
I wrap my arms around you and say a little thanks to heaven above.

I hear B come upstairs from his siesta and enter room.
Eyes are still tightly closed, if you try to wake us you are in trouble Mr.

You squirm and fight to get comfortable in my arms.
I think that your arm must be uncomfortable.

I quietly start moving all the pillows around so I can get comfortable.
One behind back, one behind head, one between knees.

You adjust yourself and snuggle in closer.
I pray that my arm doesn't fall asleep and gently stretch it out.

Eyes still closed.
15 minutes that is all I am asking for.

Turn the volume down low.
Change channel to the news.

Give you one last kiss on the head.
Give in to one blissful hour.

I will curse myself tonight when it is long past your bedtime.
I KNOW that 3pm is never a good time to do this.

Who cares.
Did I mention it was an hour?