Sunday, April 5, 2009


We are closing in on the due date of this new little baby boy and I find myself trying to organize more than I did with M. I think it is because I never had the chance the first time around. I had some complications that landed me on my plump butt in the hospital around week 34 of my first pregnancy. And there I stayed for two weeks until M was delivered almost four weeks early by C-section. ( thank goodness for c-sections because I honestly believe that I am not capable of going through labour and delivery...and neither does my sister.)

I missed my Baby shower, I didn't get to shop for the bedroom furniture, no clothes were washed and put away where I wanted them to go ( In the beautiful dresser that I was supposed to buy). Instead I had a mini shower at the hospital thrown by my wonderful sister. I was wheeled down in a wheel chair in a pony tail and yoga pants and not my zebra print wrap dress and high heels that I had planned to wear. I didn't even spend the day at the spa like I had planned. I wasn't bitter...honestly I wasn't.

The bedroom furniture was never purchased. The money got put aside for big boy furniture to buy at a later date because after I got home from the hospital I realized I wanted M in my room with me. I also realized that all the things that I wanted to do became insignificant. I didn't care that the clothes were still in garbage bags ( my MIL washed them and sorted them into bags). I didn't care that there wasn't a nursery to bring baby home to ( my sister set up the bassinet right beside my bed for me). In my mind everything was perfect because we were home after our 3 week stint in the hospital. ALLELUIA!

THIS time is a little different. I feel as though if I get it ready NOW before I take 5 weeks off to enjoy the pregnancy and time with my family, if I do it before our world gets all topsy turvey, that nothing is going to happen. Its Murphy's Law that I'm trying to mess with. B laughed at me when I told him that this morning. Then he shook his head because he knows I tend to expect the worst. Screw you Murphy......I'm ready this time!!!!

The shower was yesterday.
My hair has been cut into an easy to do style.

The babies clothes are washing as I type.

The playpen is in the living room.

She doesn't know it yet but my sister is bring over the bassinet on Sunday.

Maybe even her rocking chair.........

There is a suitcase in my hallway that I will be packing on Wednesday after I air that stinkin' thing out.

The car seat cover is washed. Car seat will be install as soon as I vacuum out the car.

I'm ready. And I'm only 32 weeks tomorrow.

I'm scared. The 4th ultrasound is Wednesday and I just want that damn placenta to move up. I don't want to be away from M and B if it moves the wrong way again.

I'm excited. I scored big time yesterday with enough Gift certificates to buy this stroller.

I'm Happy. I think we may be closing in on a name that neither of us had contempated before. Ironically our two boys may have the same initials, just switched.

I'm Blessed. I couldn't have asked for a better family.


  1. haha! We were posting at the same time! xoxo. I'll have to think about Sunday... Kidding of course I will. Great post! Very entertaining. You funny. lol. xo

  2. Yay! I'm smiling just reading this. And I totally wish I was nesting right now (minus the being pregnant part)because my house never looked as good as it did when I got those cleaning spurts.

    And even though I had a nursery prepared for my first daughter, my second one got a pack-n-play and still lives in an undecorated guest room. It's literally her, four gray walls, a bed with white sheets and a desk. One day we'll decorate...really, we will.

  3. P.s. Of course I think you can go through L&D. You did have your tummy cut open about what 6 inchs? Then had them pull a baby out of it... Sounds about right to me. And you were a trooper through your hospital stay (of course you had me as entertainment. hehe) and bounced back faster than anyone I know. So yes I do think you could have handled it, your just lucky to not indure the crappy labour part for hours on end. and what's with all the x&o's in the middle of that post??? Somebody can't edit over here. ;)

  4. Okay let's be realistic....I am a wimp and you KNOW as well as I do that I wished for a c-section because I knew I wouldn't be able to endure the pain like you did with your first.....Ain't NOTHING coming out of me the traditional way !

    And what x&o's? Your computer speaking french again.

    CK......this one will be living in a pack and play after the bassinet as well as I am refusing to buy another crib. M doesn't seem to be moving out of his anytime soon.

  5. Did you buy the stroller? I'm glad you're taking 5 weeks off before the birth. It'll be good for you.
    I wish you a lofty placenta!