Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Since when could a bottle of this reduce me to tears?

Is it because it represents a whole year and the passage of time?

Is it because every time I wash your hair I think you are just one day older?

Is it because I know that so soon I won't be washing your hair and giving you a bath every night ?

Is it because one day I know I won't lean over to smell your hair and it won't have that sweet baby smell?

I hate the feeling that time can slip through my fingers and I will never be able to relive those sweet baby moments with you.

I know that growing up is inevitable.....I know that I am being nostalgic. It's my right as your Mother. I just wish that sometimes it didn't hurt so much.


  1. Big {{{{hugs}}}} Those moments get replaced with other moments equally as important and special. Just think in a few years you wont be washing his hair you'll be dyeing it. Black, or blue, or green... Fun times to look forward to. I'm almost there. yikes!

  2. That's why I love writing these things down.

    Because as time passes, you'll forget these moments and the emotions that swell up your heart.

    But because of the honesty behind your words, all you'll have to do is pick this post up again and it will all come back.