Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Scrapbook pages

Okay so lately I haven't really felt creative. I'm tired and I was working up until last week.

I had some spare time this week as I have been "napping" lately which means I am not tired until at least 10:00pm.

It was nice this week to do some pages. I missed it. I am not overly creative. This is the only hobby that has really stuck. I've tried sewing, cross stitch and a smattering of DYI projects but nothing that I have ever felt that I needed to keep up with until I was introduced to this "craft" from my very talented Sister who has actually turned this craft into something lucrative. You can see some of her work here:

So these are the pages that I did this week. The first is of my very cute Nephew and Godson. I took these pictures last year around this time. I just love the look on his face. The journaling reads:

"What you see: A child enjoying the simplicity of being pushed on a swing. What you don't see: His mother and I enjoying the sight of a child who just wants to be pushed higher and higher"

The next is my son. I took these pictures on the same day. Journaling reads:

" I remember this day so clearly. We were taking a walk with Aunty S and Q. I remarked how cute I thought it was that when in the stroller you sat up holding on to the cup holders taking in all the sights. After a few minutes I noticed your head bobbing from side to side. When I stopped the stroller to lay you down you could barely keep your eyes open. You were trying to sleep while sitting up. So cute!"

If you are so inclined you can visit my gallery at two peas here:
That's all the creativity that you are getting from me today.
On a side note. I have been duped. Two weeks ago my Dr. told me were going to deliver 2 weeks early. Today I found out it is only one week. June 1st is the big day! 6 more weeks of backaches. YAY ME!!!!!

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  1. I love them! Their faces are priceless in both sets of pages! You always do great work! I'm to excited to sleep!!!