Thursday, April 23, 2009

Then and now

In my closet: Pencil skirts, cute form fitting tops, suits.
On my feet: Stilettos, leather heeled boots, cute summer sandals
In my makeup bag: Estee Lauder anything.
On my dresser: Ralph Lauren Blue turquoise and Romance perfume, and clothes piled high after work each day.
Primping regime: Full make-up and hair style everyday with Velcro rollers
In my purse: Day timer, wallet, keys, lipstick.
Where I shopped: Jacob
What I drove: I didn't. Public transit was my friend
In my refrigerator: Fixings for a nice dinner right out of Bon Appetite
What I did on weekends: Whatever I wanted
When I went to bed: When ever I wanted
When I woke up: 6:30 AM
What I listened to: The latest and greatest, plus my old favorites from years gone by
What I watched on T.V. Reruns of Friends, Sex in the City, The News

In my closet: Clothes I don't wear. Jeans, t-shirts, and yoga pants
On my feet: Flipflops and running shoes, all flats thank you very much!
In my make-up bag: Your lucky if I put on Mascara
On my dresser: Perfume still there but never worn, no work clothes to put away.
Primping regime:Is that a joke? I shower and put my hair in a pony.
In my purse: What purse? I carry a diaper bag with my wallet in it.
Where I shopped: Walmart......seriously?
What I drive: Mazda 6 but in dire need of a wagon or SUV.
In my refrigerator: cheese slices, hotdogs, left over mac n cheese.
What I do weekends: Play, walk(waddle) and go to the park with my child
When I go to bed: 8:00pm...I am sooo lame
When I wake up: midnight, 2:00am, 4:00am, 6:00am: Take your pick, sometimes all of the above.
What I listen to: Fisher price Disco Baby
What I watch on T.V. :Treehouse, and M's favorite...The weather network.

I have gone from a shoe loving, fashion loving, restaurant eating, money spending woman to a mom.

Would I change it?

Not on your life!

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