Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting it right.

Warning......this post may only be humorous to two people.

Myself being one of them.

I have had a constant craving for about two years now.
It is for this sweet blended coffee smoothie topped with whipped cream delight.
It is not from Starbucks, although I did venture through that phase as well.

It is from a Canadian Icon.
Some say the coffee house to end all coffee house.
I don't drink coffee so I wouldn't know.
I'm a tea drinker.
And they make good steeped tea.

The almighty Tim Hortons.

Which I think was bought out by an American conglomerate several years ago.
Tisk Tisk.
Nothing against Americans by ANY means.
It just bothered me that WE sold out.........


So as of late I have been having these cravings if you will.
For one of their Ice Cap Supremes.
You know the one with all the whipped cream that I'm sure has no dairy in it what so ever.
The one drizzled with Caramel.
The one that is making my mouth water NOW!

So off we go to Tims to get said drink for preggers who can hardly contain herself.
I watched them make it with concern.
I could tell something was wrong.
Buddy handed it to me.

NO whipped cream and no caramel.

I sent it back.

It came back to me with whipped cream...but still the caramel was MIA.

Buddy....come. on.

What does he do?

He squirts the Butter Caramel flavour shot that is supposed to go into the blended iced coffee on top of my whipped cream.

I am outraged.

Sister is standing by.
Looking at her watch.
Looking at me.
Gotta pick up the kidlets from the bus.

I sent it back again.
Some veteran Ice Cap Supreme maker steps in and remakes my drink.
Drink gets handed over to now snooty looking pregnant woman.

"You better taste that" says Sis with an air of authority.
I taste it and it is fine.
"Isn't that their signature drink?" Sis says.
"Don't get me started...."

Fast forward one week.
Pull into a Tims on my way home from Dr. office.
Sudden craving has hit.
No Drive through.
I am not going in.
Pull out and carry on down the street.
Spot another Tims.
Pull a u-turn and head for the drive through.
"Is that illegal?" asks Mom.
"Yep but I need an Ice Cap."

Frickin Ice Cap machine is out of order.
Is God trying to tell me something here?


I find another Tims closer to home.
Place my order.
Buddy hands it over.


Chocolate syrup drizzled over it.....
"Um excuse me....didn't I order the Butter Caramel?"

"Oh....I thought I'd give you you want me to change it?"

Ya..I want you to change it a*s-wipe, I think to myself.

No never mind I say with a sigh and drive off.

It didn't taste good.

I threw half away.

Fast forward to yesterday.
We walk over to Tims.
DO I dare?

I place my order.

One medium steeped tea with one milk.

One honey cruller.

One sour cream glazed.

I look at him tentatively.

He is the same guy that screwed it up last time.

"Any thing else?"

And one.






Sister starts laughing hysterically at me.
I start laughing hysterically at me.
He starts laughing hysterically at me.

"I just want a medium Butter Caramel Ice Cap know the one with whipped cream and caramel on top." I gasp out between laughter.

Don't ask why this is funny.
It just was.

Tears were streaming down my face as I waited for my creamy delight.
Partly from a sheer desire to have this drink and partly from fear that they won't get it right.
I watch someone make it.
It looks right.

"You better taste that" says Sis with an air of authority.

Oh I did....I did.

They got it right.

It was good.

Maybe I'll try again today.

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  1. Abandoned empty Tims and Starbucks cups everywhere today! Which resulted in random
    giggling to myself... Strange looks from all sorts of people... I may never look at an icecap the same again.
    Let me paint this picture a little brighter. Preggers whom I might add is really preggers was trying to lean in over both the counter and her belly to assure that he heard her. She had such a serious I'm going to kill you if you screw this one up moron look on her face and enunciated better then I've heard from any of the people I took drama classes with(back in the day). It really was one of the funniest encounters I've witnessed in a very long time. I couldn't help but crack up. O.k. so I snorted too... It's just one of those moments in time that you'll laugh about forever about. Just so you know I'm scrappin' this. hehe.