Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Documenting them

Today He:

Is 3 months,
Has discovered his hands and feet,
Smiles at me like crazy,
Still has blue eyes,
Has laughed for the very first time,
Loves to be held, rocked, and nap with his mama,
Is sleeping between 5 and 7 hour stretches,
Is a crappy napper,
Weighs almost 15 pounds,
Is a complete joy to have around!

Today He:

Is 2 years 4 months,
Weighs 30 pounds,
Is still so serious, it makes taking pictures challenging,
Loves to run around with fruit in his hands but not eat it,
Loves to color, play with buttons and cell phones,
Watches the same episodes of Wonderpets daily,
Sleeps through the night with occasional wakings,
Is an amazing napper,
Repeats EVERYTHING we say,
Asks to hold my hand when we are outside,
Raids the refrigerator daily but doesn't eat what he takes,
Likes ice cubes as a snack,
Doesn't like much changes in his routines,
Gets frustrated when things don't go his way,
LOVES to go for rides in the car,
Could walk for hours,
Is a complete joy to have around!

Today I:
Am the luckiest woman to be blessed with these two boys!


  1. He laughed? Awww, I can't wait to hear it. I feel like a lucky auntie too, to have the two bestest nephews "In the world".

  2. they are beautiful.

    (and i'm so jealous that you've kept track of your second so well. i wish i had been that diligent with my second child...)