Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Make it count.

I haven't really felt like blogging as of late.

It has been so cold here, all I really feel like doing is staying in my PJ's all day and snuggling and playing with my  Kidlets.

This year I am trying to savour the moments.

I know this is pretty much the last year I will have time off during the holidays.

My career choice doesn't exactly allow for vacation at this time of year.

Amidst this years hustle and bustle I just want to remember how lucky I am to have two beautiful children and a ridiculously funny and loving partner.

I really want this one to count, I know at this time next year I will be back in the thick of things and times like these will be far and few between.

So my Bloggy Blog Friends, to that end I will wish you A Merry Christmas now. 

I'm going to enjoy these next few days with the boys,

Do some baking,

Hunker down with Google reader when the time is right and the babes are in bed.

I hope your Holidays are filled with much love and happiness and that you are surrounded by all those you love.

Merry Ho Ho.

P.S.  Speaking of counting, I cam across this video of M on crackbook the other day.  In an effort to sort my videos I happened to delete the original file from my computer and I am trying to figure out how to restore it.  For now I am immortalizing it here.

He was 18 months old at the time.....does a kid get any cuter???

Enjoy and try to ignore my giddy mommy voice.


  1. Your giddy mom voice is awesome!

  2. You're so right...savor the moments.
    Merry Christmas!