Friday, December 18, 2009

So long 35!!!

Just two weeks before the end of 2009 I leave 35, and I am reminded of thirty-five things that happened this year.

1. Grandma. She passed away on the very last day of 2008. She is missed.

2. Michaels 2nd Christmas. It was one of the best I had ever had. Gift opening went on for hours, not because of the amount of gifts but just so we could savor the moment. It would be our last Christmas as a family of three.

3. Morning sickness. Three long months of it.

4. Weight gain. All 60 pounds of it.

5. Fatigue. I'm talking in bed at 7:30pm asleep, snoring fatigue.

6. Michael being baptized and the flock of Canadian Geese that flew over the church that afternoon. By flock I really mean 14 thousand of those crazy birds that by sheer luck missed dropping any of their droppings on us.

7. The last time I saw my Grandma coherent. Incidentally it was the day of M's Baptism. I am forever thankful for that day.

8. Work. It really, really, really sucked huge from October on. Partially because I don't do pregnant well and partially for reason I can't discuss. Those reasons have been removed and I am anticipating a smooth transition when I go back.

9. M finally sleeping through the night. Incidentally it came exactly to the day that found out that I was pregnant with him two years prior. If you're wondering about the math, he was 16 months.

10. Final Clearance in February. I scored the boys Christmas present for this year for a whopping eleven bucks. It retails for almost four hundred. I can't wait to show you pics.

11. Finding Blog World. Who knew I would have such a fascination with other peoples lives.

12. The snow starting to melt. Around here that is always cause for celebration.

13. Feeling sorry for myself because B was spending more time with M than I was.

14. M starting coping attitude about me working and some days not smiling or hugging me at all. At the time I thought my heart was going to break.

15. Wanting to kick B out of bed every night.

16. My Baby shower. It rained but it was great. Mostly because I HAD one this time. Those of you, who know me, know what happened the first time around.

17. Easter. I have the funniest Video of M and his cousin C singing. It was also very cool to do M's first Egg hunt.

18. Speaking of Easter, B and I took a belly to belly shot to compare with the first......WOW is all I can say.

19. STOOOPID SCIATIC NERVE ISSUES. Have I ever mentioned that I hated being pregnant?

20. Not being able to walk faster than an ant for longer than thirty minutes the last month of my pregnancy. Apparently 2009 was all about pissy preggars.

21. The 6 weeks that I was able to spend at home with M before the birth of J. I loved it. I was hideously tired and counted the minutes till nap time but I savored every moment of it.

22. M's 2nd birthday. I put up balloons all over the house the night before and we set up all his new play structures in the backyard while he napped the day of. I'd like to think he remembers but I’m fairly certain he doesn't.   M's birthday balloons that stayed attached to his chair for at least 4 weeks after his birthday. I'm sorry but the helium fire truck balloon cost 12 dollars and I wanted to get my moneys worth. Plus he loved it.

23.  The warp speed that M's communication grew.

24. Deciding on J's name the day before he was born. FYI his name was my choice and had been on the table since conception...someone was just being difficult.

25. The morning M became a big brother. It was sunny and cool. I was uber excited, nervous and scared shitless.

26. WALKING into the hospital. So different than with M. I walked up to the triage desk in Labor and Delivery and said; "One baby boy please." Nurse Lady smiled and sent me to the waiting room.

27. My Sister. Have I ever mentioned to you how awesome she is? She stayed at the hospital for 8 hours, mainly alone in the waiting room the day J was born. We laughed and laughed while waiting for B to show up. Mainly we were laughing at a janitor who was clearly unionized and would only clean 12 square feet of tile. She also stayed the whole time I was in recovery only to get a little glimpse of her new nephew because they wouldn't let her in. Some new rule about baby snatching........

28. 3:30pm exactly on June 1st, my littlest angel was born.

29. A complete sense of peace that came over me when I was able to hold J for the first time. I knew I could take care of him and M. I knew everything would be okay. We campaigned to leave the hospital a day early because I couldn't stand to be away from M any longer.

30. M "petting" J as his way of welcoming him to the herd.  He loves his little brother.

31. M deciding he was going to start hitting and using me as the punching bag.  Oh yes and the begining of the terrible twos....

32. Being more than thankful for my Mom keeping M occupied while I got to know J.  And for spending time with J when I needed to spend time with M.

33. My Family meeting the boys. It was so nice to have Grammy H and Aunty K reunite with M and it was awesome for Uncle J to come and visit.

34. B and I working at it. I love him. He is a good Dad and a good partner.

35. The complete and utter sense of happiness when I look at the two little people that I made with B.

I think I could go on and on with gentle reminders of what thirty-five was like for me, but in an effort to keep you awake I will stop there. However I will say this; I am excited for thirty-six. I know this year is going to be great. The first three months will probably suck for various reasons, mainly snow and money related but I have my family nestled in tightly beside me as we wait out the winter months.

See ya was nice knowing you!


  1. Happy Birthday Big Sis! I'm finding it amusing that I've already wished you happy birthday 3 different times, I promise I'll wait till morning to call. ;) Great post, I have to admit that I easily could have been charged with baby snatching the day my sweet nephew was born and I wouldn't have missed it for anything. Love ya! xo

  2. Great work on your layouts.Love the slids.Vary happy to be part of my grandchildrens life.XOXO

  3. Happy Birthday! I love the way that you wrote this. Sometimes, it's just good to remember all of the good. The everyday can get in the way most of the time.

  4. Wow, you had quite a year, sweetie. I'm betting 36 will be an excellent adventure!

  5. That is a great list! You've definitely been busy.
    Happy Birthday!