Saturday, December 26, 2009

All was merry and bright....

It was a wonderful Christmas.

I made what can only be descibed as the most hideous gingerbread rice krispy house there ever was.

Mom and I spent Christmas Eve day in the kitchen preparing food for the next day.  I was convinced that we would not get through the presents in time to get the turkey in the oven in order for it to be ready at a reasonable hour.  Incidently I was right and I'm glad we made it ahead of time.  Who doesn't like cold turkey anyway?

Mom and I took the Babes to an early Mass.  I left with the boys half way through and went for a drive.  Mass was packed and we were down in the basement where the service was piped in.  One woman was giving my child the stink eye for banging on a piano(not ours) and promptly told her child it was too noisy for church and put it out of their reach.  I was feeling slightly miffed as we were in the basement at a childrens mass while everyone was talking and not paying attention but what evs.  I left and stewed about it for a while then decided that it wasn't worth it to be angry.

Incidently B opted out of Church...big suprise there.

On Christmas Eve we don't usually have a regular dinner, just a mish mash of things we don't normally have.  This year we had Meatpie, double stuffed baked potatoes, baked brie, veg and dip....A very weird but very satisfying combo.

After baths we tracked Santa to see where he was (Ireland), put out cookies and milk for Santa and some carrot stickes for the reindeer.  We took down our socks from the banister and placed them under the tree and placed baby Jesus in the manger.  M is a huge fan of our little people nativity set.

Santa came early.  I happen to know this because I woke at 10:00pm and he had come and gone.

Christmas morning was wonderful.  I am so glad we cooked that Turkey the day before because we were sitting by that tree from 7:00am till 12:00pm.  Yes that is right....5 hours to open presents.  We are fans of spreading it out.  M didn't really know what to do at first.  He also was overwhelmed by our new family pet.

Her name is Kota and she was and still is a hit. 

M finally warmed up to the opening of presents around 10:30 and started ripping into things.

J wanted in on some of the action.

Yep, that is a Jack in the box for J....hehehehe.  (I am brilliant sometimes.)

It really was a special and magical day for us and I really didn't give two poops that I looked like poop.

I was just happy to have my little family tucked in with me.

When all was said and done at our house (258 pictures later and a PJ change for M as he spilled his cereal everywhere),  We went to my sisters house for dinner, and had more present opening and photo opps there.  Hopefully she will post some so I can steal them.

Today I enjoyed a quiet day with my two Boys.  B had to work and I relished in the fact that this was one Boxing Day that I didn't have to endure the madness.  I was going to shop but we are in the midst of a wicked ice storm so I stayed put, napped with the babes and enjoyed leftovers all day.

Indeed it was my favorite Christmas ever.



  1. It really was a great Christmas. so ummmmmm what happened to the pretty stockings? not big enough? lol. Those look just like my old ones... I can't wait to meet kota. looks like sooooo much fun! 258 pictures!?! you must be a crazy scrapbooker or something.

  2. Look at that giant leeeee-zard! What an awesome present! That one will always be remembered!

  3. That sounds like one perfect day!