Tuesday, May 24, 2011

April Project 12

I really could have let this project slip away from me this month.  Time always ticks by so quickly this time of year.  It is so unfair!  I got my act together, and printed off some pictures to complete my monthly layout.  As I have with previous months, I used my status updates as the journalling.  I giggled as I copied and pasted them, happy to relive these little memories:
o       Hagen Daz I love you! April 1 at 8:19pm
o       "Charlie Sheen's "Torpedo" bombs in Detroit"....Did he really think it would go well???? 
o       And to all a good night!
o       Love it when the neighbors take over our backyard...
o       Sometimes I resent spell check. Maybe I wanted my letters in small caps. :) 
o       Day off tomorrow....then off to T.O. 
o       And so it begins, the season of the lawn. Not to brag or anything but ours is already greener. :) :) :) 
o       There is some serious procrastination happening in my house right now....
o       Jack is sitting on his knees watching I.T.N.G. I'm thinking as I watch him he is one of the cutest kids ever. ·
o       Packed and ready to roll in the morn. Is it bad that I am more excited to sleep and see a friend then go to meetings??? 
o       Hotel lobby....waiting for the day to begin!!! 
o       Mommy, I have to Pee. Mommy you come pee with me? Good to be home. :)
o       I have a three foot shadow today.....
o       I love a rainy night. 
o       I have one child in lap and one child on back. I think they like me. :)
o       Some one is sporting a new hairdo. He looks pretty darn handsome. 
o       As predicted the colds have been passed on to me. Sniff.
o       Easter baskets filled, Eggs hidden throughout. Heck there was even a bunny in our back yard. Can't wait for the morning. 
o       First time ever that The Bigs ate *some* of their Easter chocolate before noon. I must be chillin' out in my old age. 
o       Reminder to self: Handle life's frustrations with benevolence and grace .
o       Shingles flinging off the roof....
o       Proud new owners of a new coffee table of the Thomas the Train variety. Lucky boys around these parts lately whose Grandma loves them allot. 
o       Could the little boys in the choir be any cuter??? 
o       Waiting for the kiss so I can peal myself away from the TV and deal with the roof. 
o       Michael: Mommy do you want to go pee with me?? Me: You go by yourself; I'm waiting for the big kiss. Michael...reaches up and gives me a kiss....
o       I'm not sure who I am more irritated at now, my insurance agent or my Home builder.
o       Jack just fell asleep in my arms for the first time in well over a year...proof he is still my baby. ♥
o       Michael put curlers in my hair tonight, with intervals of him patting my chest. Kept him busy for about 30 minutes. I love that strange kid of mine. 
o       I wonder if I should wear a fascinator to work tomorrow.
All right so now that I have bored you to tears with my updates, and maybe had you chuckling trying to envision me wearing a facsinator to work, I'll get down to business.  The sketch:

And my take on it:



(Click to enlarge)
I have to tell you I worked on it in the wee hours of the morning after I wrote yesterdays blog post.  I was a little weepy and needed some cheering up.  My boys have that affect on me most days.
Off to bed early-ish tonight.  I went for a big walk today and ate better.  I feel good but I am wiped out!

Nighty Night. 

Disclaimer:  I tried but I was to tired to fix the formatting tonight...but holy cow what a mess! 


  1. I don't think our lawn will EVER be properly green this year!

    Really like your P12 page - that bright green in the accents is great.

  2. You make me laugh. We are kin. Procrastination? I call it Procraftination when it involves the scrappy. :)

    As always, thank you SO much for sharing your talents each month.