Sunday, September 25, 2011

August project 12

Since I was so negligent in getting my July project 12 done on time, I figured I had better get this one posted in a jiffy since I had no reason to not get it done as I attended a 12 hour crop for children's cancer yesterday.  (that was a very large run on sentence...)

That's right, twelve hours, no kids, eight completed layouts and a self imposed no talking rule.

Okay, I might be  joking about the no talking...

I digress.....

August was allot of fun.

We went out on two big excursions, one to my aunts where the boys swam all day, and one to Sandbanks where you guessed it, the boys swam all day.

That much family time is good for the soul and now makes it harder  to convince M that going to the mall is an adventure.

All right then, on to Project 12.

The sketch:

I was all over this sketch since it used 4x6 photos, but after going through my pictures, I had too many that I wanted to use.

Luckily for me,  my local photo developer was having a sale on  6x8s (50 for 5 bucks!)   I made some collages and had them printed out and trimmed them down.    That's like 100 4x6s, or in my case more like 75 4 x6s and 50 2x3s for 5 buckaroos.  SCORE!

My take:

(Click to enlarge)

Originally when I laid out my pictures I had 6  smaller 2x3 but I removed them as it looked a little crowded so my sister and I did not make the final cut.  I do love these pictures of my Mom, My Boys, as well as my niece and nephews from our trip to the Sandbanks.

 I also made use of my Hometown Summer paper pack one more time.    That wavey paper....perfect!  And as per usual, my facebook updates made up a good portion of my journalling.  How else would I remember that I sliced off a good portion of my thumb in August.  FYI it's still not healed and it really should have been stitched.

So that my friends was my August.  I hope yours was as wonderful as ours.

Thanks for stopping by..I'll be back tomorrow with some more layouts to share from my 12 hour scrap marathon.


  1. jealous of a 12 hour crop with no kids present. That was a delightful run-on sentence. I lOVE the result. Great p12 layout!

  2. Really cute! Love the colors!and that tiny pom=pom trim!