Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday....

To my Blog!

I feel like I have been neglectful of it as of late.

Time is flying at warp speed.

My boys are growing too fast for my liking.

I've been busy watching teeth and hair grow.


My Blog is ONE!


And because I can't think of any original way to celebrate, I'm hooking you up with my favorite posts, authored by me.

Happy reading.

Or sleeping.

And thanks for being a reader.

I truly appreciate it even when I have nothing to say.

  1. Move your knees please.
  2. Read dis one?
  3. The art of distraction.
  4. Getting it right.
  5. I should have listened.
  6. Goodbye.
  7. Keeping up with the Jones

There you have it peeps. 

My 7 favorites from this past year.

I'm really not sure why I ended with 7....laziness maybe?

Or maybe I only think I'm funny enough to have 7 posts.

And if I'm being honest, I really only did this so I could revisit #7 again. 

Peace out!


  1. Happy Blog BIrthday to you! That's a great accomplishment to run for a whole year. Keep up the great writing!

  2. Happy blog birthday! #7 made me giggle! They're awesome!

  3. heeeeeeee. Happy birthday bloggy sister! Is it bad that #7 is my favorite?

  4. Happy Birthday to your blog! So glad we've connected over this time. I really enjoy you and the stories you share. And you KNOW I love your scrap-booking pages.

  5. Happy Birthday to your blog!!! So glad I found you!